South African website hosting

The big secret of website hosting!! What other hosting companies don't offer and why!

Let me explain, South African to South African.
  • You buy a website hosting package from (that's us).
  • Yes - Even on our cheap hosting at R97 per YEAR offer
  • You'll need a website name, we can register it for you, or you bring your own.
  • You design your website - or we do it...
  • We help you to upload your website - or guide you to do it yourself

    And that is the normal process, so what is the hosting secret?

    Let me tell you a story on how the business world operate (if you think business hosting, rather than personal hosting).
    Once you have your newly designed website up and running for the whole world to see, your opposition find out about it - believe me, they will find out. So they get hold of people like us, with knowledge of the design and hosting world. And the 1st thing they will do, is look for a website name almost like yours. Or they register a website with your main product as the domain name.

    WHY - We promised you an answer to why South African website hosting companies don't give you this option. The answer is easy, they rather want to charge you for each web account.

    NOW, we give you the following, for FREE(Included in ANY of our hosting packages, by default - no need to ask):
    We'll allow you to bring 5(FIVE) more domain website names to your 1 hosting account. These names are the ones you prevent your opposition from registering.

  • Again: The secret - You can have 5 more website names allocated to your 1 account - and DOES NOT CHARGE YOU for this option.

    and as a BONUS - we'll connect all 5 website names to your 1 account. So, if a client type in one of the other 5 names, the person will be taken directly to your main web site. (We want to help you the easy way to keep all your prospects -> them going to the opposition would be no good).

    For our product page, follow this 1st-hosting products link or click on the picture below.

      south african website hosting at only R97 per YEAR!  

    Yes, that is correct, website hosting at only R97 per Year

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